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22 February 2009

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Dancing Coins
20 February 2009

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Chinese Dragonfly
11 July 2008

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The Free Men
15 March 2008

Recent Comments

omid on Peekaboo
wow! very nice!

Bonj on Three Mile Island - Night
Nice day and night shots. Hard to believe it has almost been 30 years since the accident on Unit 2. I don't ...

SKHallisey on Three Mile Island - Night
very cool shot

Sergei Z on Three Mile Island - Night
Nice shot!

EYES WIDE SHUT on Three Mile Island - Night
Beautifully observed, Emily. Gorgeous reflections

Michael on Three Mile Island
Very cool shot.

DarkElf on Three Mile Island
nice composition and superb colours! the industrial landscape always lends itself to interesting shots nad you have ...

marianne on Three Mile Island
I love the reflection and the tones !!!!

Matabou on Three Mile Island
Gorgeous pic. Wish i were here.

SKHallisey on Three Mile Island
cool landscape. i used to live near a nuke plant, and its strange how your day to day doesnt really factor that into ...

Tony Duque on Three Mile Island
Wonderful shot, Emily!.. very beautiful, and so full of striking contrasts, both visual and otherwise. It is curious ...

Laura on Three Mile Island
Wonderful take. The contrast of the sunlight and the smoke from the stacks works so well. Good reflections in there are ...

Mirko Herzner on Fan
A very nice idea. Good perspective and toning!

Anna.C on Winter, Northeast
nice detail and DOF !

DarkElf on Rusted Chain
fantastic composition and DOF! certainly comething different in this shot! i like the detail - who would have thought a ...

Charles on Rusted Chain
Nice shot. I opened the community section and this photo just jumped out at me. Nicely done.

jim on Rusted Chain
good shot! i like the "crunchiness" of the gravel.

Michael Skorulski on Chinese Dancers 2
Beautiful. Love the colors and your composition.

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Chinese Dancers 2
great shot Emily...

Doug on Chinese Dragonfly
Great detail, especially on the wings.

Eleftheria! on Glass Transcendence

Jean-Benoît Maréchal on War is Over
Beautiful message...

Siddhesh on Flower 2
The rose looks a bit overexposed... You might want to try one level up and down for exposure...

Siddhesh on Boatman
Nice composition...

missparis on Boatman
Beautiful light

Rui Silva on Boatman
Simple things of life are the most beautiful. Well done!

Eleftheria! on Boatman

Kylie Greenan on Boatman
beautiful natrual light, nice composition, well done!

Giannis on Memorial Day Hero
Great capture. Nice B&W

Mary on Peekaboo
Fantastic shot

Dimitrios on Peekaboo
cute little fela

Faramarz on Peekaboo
cool micro... well done.

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Peekaboo
wonderful picture... excellent macro! i love it

Ronnie 2¢ on Peek
Oh, hello . . I didn’t see you there for a moment . . is that a replacement world you are holding. Can I try it?

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